Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovely Book from a Lovely Friend

Lady Bonessa lives in beautiful Ireland. Her dad is a photographer and has made several books from his photos. Lady Bonessa sweetly shared this book Wicklow with me and my family.

Here is my kitty checking out the book:

Wicklow is full of lovely landscapes and scenes and fun animals. Here I am studying the horse:

Lady Bonessa's dad has published two books about Co Wicklow and Connemara and is just finishing up one on West Cork. He is a very talented photographer. I'm so happy that she shared this wonderful book with me and my family!


  1. Dat looks like a very beautiful book Syd. How very nice of Bonnie to share dat with you. We'll have to see if we can find a copy of dat.

  2. Oh what a beautiful place and how kind of Lady Bonessa to share her pictures, that hourse looks lovely.

  3. Smoooooooooch, sweetie. I gave you an award for your blog:

  4. You are a very lucky gurl Sydnie,an Ireland is so bootyful !!
    hugs xxx