Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Adoption Stories - me and my kitty!

Sydpie’s story:

My birth-mom was found walking along Route 495 in Boston, abandoned, pregnant with me and my siblings. The kind people at Northeast Rottweiler Rescue took her in and cared for her while she finished her pregnancy and gave birth to our litter.

All of us, my birth-Mom and my siblings, were listed on the Northeast Rottweiler Rescue (NERR) website (http://www.rottrescue.org) for adoption. I think there were five of us. I know that one of my sisters was named Daisy and there were LOTS of boy puppies. Mom thought that Daisy was the cutest name in the world and wanted to meet Daisy and me and our other siblings.

My future forever-Mom called NERR and they said that she could have any adult dog, but not a puppy. They told her that everyone wants a Rottweiler puppy and that the adults are just so difficult to help find a forever home. Mom understood, and cried. You see, mom had just barely lost her Rottweiler love, Molly, to cancer. She had tried everything to help Molly, even refinanced her car to pay for treatments but the very best animal hospital in New England, Tufts, couldn’t save her. God wanted Molly in heaven, and that’s all there was to it.

Mom had raised Molly from a puppy and her heart needed a new Rottie baby to raise. She was sad and inconsolable. Mom & Dad were just dating back then but he saw how much she was hurting. He wrote a letter to NERR telling him what a good mom she would be to a Rottie puppy. They replied with a note saying “it’s nice that you want to get your girlfriend a puppy” and declined the request. When mom heard about the letter exchange, she decided to call NERR again. This time, they agreed to have someone come to her house and see if she was suitable. Mom was SO excited. NERR is very thorough and does a very good job of making sure that dogs will be safe and happy in their new homes.

When the NERR woman came to the house, she saw the dog bed with Molly inscribed on it, the Molly bath towel, the Alexandra Day Puppy Book full of Molly’s things, and lastly, a little wooden box. The box was waiting for mom to find HER forever home so Molly would always be with her. The NERR lady cried and cried and hugged mom and said “you can have ANY puppy you want”. So, Mom and Dad hopped in the car and drove 3 hours to view the puppies at their foster family.

Mom met Daisy and they smooched. The family told her that Daisy had a home already and her family was picking her up on the weekend. Then mom saw ME!!!! *pitter patter pitter patter* It was LOVE!!! I was wobbly and sweet and smelled like stale milk. She was so nervous to pet me because she was already in love with me. From that first second her heart belonged to me and mine to her. She scooped me up and we went home that very night!

The next year, mom was doing a “Walk for Animals” with the local shelter and the NERR people were there. They recognized mom and me right away. They called us over and asked if she would get a sibling for me and added that it could even be a puppy. Mom said that I’m an only dog but that she and my dad (they were married now and we all lived in our forever home together) were going to get a kitten for me! But that’s Cheddums’ adoption story. He should tell that story himself.

And now.....
My kitty, Cheddums’, story:

I’ve lived with at least three families. The first family that I remember brought me to the vet with a broken leg. Well, actually, my leg was broken in four places!!! They told the vet that I fell off of the piano. The vet confiscated me, fixed my leg, and tried to find a new home for me. My second family kept me for only a month. The man returned me to the vet’s office and said that I wasn’t friendly and hid all the time. He added “we haven’t seen him since we got him home”. Now, I became the vet’s office kitty because they thought that I wasn’t adoptable.

One day, a very giggly woman came in with a HUGE Rottweiler puppy. The Rottweiler was super giggly too and the two of them just carried on in the vet’s waiting room until it was their turn to talk to the receptionist. The Rottie was being boarded for the weekend. The woman saw a sign that there was a kitty looking for a home and asked to meet me. I was hiding up on top of the cabinets in a storage room but she poked her head in and said “hello” to me for a couple of minutes. Soon, the woman left and I got to hang out with the Rottie all weekend. There isn’t much activity at night so we got to know one another a bit over the next two days and nights. I learned that the Rottie was VERY playful and was terribly lonesome during the daytime so she had asked her parents for a fur-friend.

One day, the giggly woman came back in and she was SUPER happy! I was scooped into a box and handed to her, along with her Rottie. We all went back to my new forever home and I hid under the sofa for the entire first day. I learned that the Rottie was named Sydney, and the two humans were Mom and Dad. But I needed a name. I had a name, Augy, but Mom felt that I needed a new start with a new name that didn’t remind me of bad times.

So, she sat on the floor by the sofa and sang every name she could think of. She sang dog names, cat names, names of islands, names of people, names of places she wanted to visit and places she had visited before. She was just about out of ideas, when she just started throwing out sing-songy names and I liked Cheddums. I meowed and moved toward her a little. She tried some more names but I responded every time she sang Cheddums. She poked her head under the sofa and said “So, that’s your name, is it?” and I let her pet me. So, that’s how I got my forever home and my name. I picked them both!