Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dangers of Home Repair - Stairs!!

- Here is a picture of me supervising the stair project.

Ok, I don't want my friends to start thinking I'm a klutz or uncoordinated, or worse, but I have to share another story about household dangers to pets.

One day, a bunch of noisy houseguests arrived. They stayed all day but they left at night. They showed up again the next day too. I didn't know why they were here but they sure made a mess of the house. I was quite nervious that mom would blame the mess on me but she seemed to be totally ok with it.

When I went up the stairs Monday afternoon, the carpet was gone. When I tried to come down the stairs, I didn't realize the carpet had been important to me and to my ability to have good traction on the stairs. I took one step, slipped on the exposed wooden stair, and fell all the way down. Ouch!

Mom called the vet who gave me doggy meds for pain and swelling (NEVER EVER people meds, only doggy meds). Now I am very careful of the stairs until the workman finish them.

I learned two things. 1) when the stair runner was removed, the stairs become smaller, with less place to put my paw. 2) Shiny wood stairs are VERY slippery.

So, if your house is getting worked on, stay off the stairs. It's a long way to the bottom!!


  1. Thanks for another great doggy advice post, SydPie, ol' cutie patootie smoochie pal o' mine! Visitors need to read about the dangers of sugar free from your last post, too!

  2. Oh Syd - I so glad you were not hurt worse than you were. You could easily have broken a bone.

  3. I just found your wonderful bloggy. Really good and very helpful too! I'm gonna add you to my Sunshine Award. You deserve it. Hope your owies are gone.

  4. Wow Syd you are like our resident healf and safety anipal! I am glad you is feelin all betta and I dus love readin your bloggy! xxx

  5. I am sure you are getting better now you are so good sharing your cautionary tales with all anipals so they avoid the accidents you have had.

  6. I am so sorry U fall Syd, an I am very gald U is OK now !!! HUGS XXXX


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