Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who are these friendly facebook people & their pets?

Efurry once in a while I pop over to Facebook to see what's going on over there. It's sort of like stopping by a pawty for a few minutes to see who showed up.

Well, I found lots of friend invitations from fun looking humans and anipals. The problem is, I don't always recognize these potential new friends.

You see, if we're friends on Twitter but your mom, dad, typist, staff, or human types for you, I probably don't know their name! Or if you read my tweets but we don't talk much or ever, then I might not recognize you right away. Or if you have a different name, picture, etc, that is confusing too.

I try to be a friendly rottweiler and I like to make new friends. I ALWAYS try to be nice to my friends and I never ever want to hurt anybody's feelings.

So, please do this for me.....if we're friends on twitter and you (or your human) wants to connect on Facebook, please send a DM to me on twitter so I know it's YOU! Then, when I find your friend request, I'll pounce on it happily like a leftover cheeseburger!




  1. I never knew you had a blog Syd. I'm going to start following it so hope you will post again. Luv ya!

  2. Facebook disabled my account today so I guess this post isn't relevant anymore.