Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Say NO! To Sugar Free Candy

Last week, I had a big ordeal. Since this is important news for anipals and the people that love them, I thought it was worth telling the story here on my bloggy.

I haven't had a meatball in TWO weeks and I'm surrounded by carrots. This can mean only one is on a diet! grrrrrr. Every year, when the big green tree in the living room goes away, so do the meatballs, and out come the carrots. Well, a doggy can only take so much carrots. We need CHOICES! And a choice I was given.

Mom went out for a few hours in the morning but forgot to put away her sugar free candies. She left a bag of her favorites, Nips Sugar Free Caramels, unwatched on the table. When she got home, the bag was empty and wrapper shrapnel covered the floor. Mom has had doggies her whole life but had never run across a doggie eating sugar free candy before so she didn't know whether or not it was a big deal. One time I ate Dad's entire Christmas stocking and the vet said not to worry since I'm such a big doggie (over 105 lbs). So Mom figured 1/2 a bag of sugar free candy wouldn't be a big deal either. Wow! Was she ever wrong about that!

The vet FREAKED OUT. He said that she had to get the candy out of me immediately. There wasn't even time for her to drive me to the vet since it's 40 minutes away. The sugar free candy had to come out NOW. The ingredients in sugar free candy are FATAL TO DOGS!!! The vet had Mom give me hydrogen peroxide, a few tablespoons at a time until I threw up. Well, I am a big doggie like I said and I wasn't very interested in drinking hydrogen peroxide. Luckily Mom has been down the hydrogen peroxide route with other doggies before (one swallowed batteries, a ball, dryer sheets, brillo pads, you name it....sometimes she thinks that rotties are puppy-goats or land-sharks).

Mom grabbed a turkey baster out of the kitchen drawer and filled it with hydrogen peroxide and squeezed the hydrogen peroxide down my throat. NOT FUN for either of us. She had it in her hair, her eyes, her nose, her mouth (haha) and all over her clothes. She repeated this process through almost half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. My tummy puffed up like a balloon! Finally, I wandered off and taaa daaa! There was candy in the snow! Wow! How did that get there? Mom took my by the collar and brought me back inside. When I went outside later, she had taken the candy away.

Apparently, I hadn't bothered to unwrap most of the candies so very little of them had actually started to disolve in my tummy. That was very fortunate! Mom read online later that just TWO STICKS OF SUGAR FREE GUM CAN KILL A 40 POUND DOG!!!!!

Please keep your sugar free candy far, far, far away from your furry friends. To us, it smells yummy, like all the other foods you eat. But this stuff is poison to doggies, not food at all!!!


  1. Whoa, Syd!
    I am so gald yer mama called da vet and that she managed to get ya to barf up them candies! We gots a big dog dat lives across the lawn at my human's brother's house. He's half rottie half lab and loves to eat anything too! I better tell them your story!!
    Hugs hugs hugs!! Glad yer ok!

  2. Dear Beloved Syd.
    Your blog is exactly what I would expect of you: intelligent, warm, good common sense and truly engaging.
    What a pleasure to read, as you are a pleasure to know.

    Cheers and Love.

  3. On Syd! It was so very fortunate your mom called the vet and followed through right away. I never knew that about sugar-free gum or candy. Very good information. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so very happy you are okay.

  4. Oh Syd! I am so glad you are all right! Fanx for da informations as well. Clever Syd xxxxx

  5. So glad you posted ur sugar free candy story, everyone needs to know how deadly it is to us anipals.

    Luvs, Mad & Mav

  6. Excellent blog. Very glad to have found yours! Welcome to blogging!

    *tosses bacon treats* now stay out of the candy!!!
    Love you bunches,
    Florida Cat Lady

  7. I iz sooooooooo glad u mom gotted dat out of u! So no more diets fur hers. Period!

  8. Oh my goodness! Who knew sugar free candy can be so detrimental to a dog's health. I'm shocked! So glad Syd is feeling better. :)