Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kolo_Martin asked me some questions.....

My friend Kolo_Martin asked me some questions on his blog. Here is his blog:

So, I will do my very best to answer Kolo's questions now.....

1. If you could visit any country in the world where would it be?
Any country? Wow! The world is such a big place and I've seen so many lovely photos and videos from my twitter friends. It would be hard to pick just one place. I would want to visit my friends in UK, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, and everywhere else too! *thinks about this* If I could just visit one country, I guess it would have to be more of my own country. I live in USA but have only seen one very small corner of it. There are lots of anipals here in the US that I could visit and also get to ride there in the car! That would be the BEST! RIDE??!! CAR??!!

2. What thing really makes you smile?
I have a BIG rottie grin and I wake up in a good mood every morning. I sit quietly, well "sorta quietly" and wait for mom and dad to show signs that they are awake. Then, I grab a toy and shove, shove, shove it in mom's face to make sure she wakes up in a good mood too! I have a duck that quacks a lot of times each time I nomm it. That's one of my favorite toys to help my family wake up. I smile a LOT and bounce around the bedroom while my duck quacks.

3. If you were Prime Minister for one day what law would you introduce?
I would make it legal for well behaved doggies to go to the BEACH all summer, not just in the winter!!!!!!

4. When you are not on Twitter what is your favourite game to play?
I love to help with yard work. If there is a stray tree limb in the forest, I grab it and drag it back to the yard and run around with it. I know humans really want that tree limb so I tease them and run by with it over and over and over until someone takes it and throws it. Then, I go get it and start all over again.

5. What do you do to make your human or anipals happy?
I'm just me. Big, furry, infinitely smooochy!!!!!!

Now I have to think of five pals to pass this on to and ask them 5 questions. How about:


And you 5 questions are:
1) What is your absolute favorite nomm?
2) What is your secret talent?
3) Have you ever had a spa treatment and what did you think of it?
4) What are your favorite smells?
5) Are delivery people friends or foe? UPS, Mail, FedEx, etc.....

Bonus question:
Is lettuce food? Please explain your answer.


  1. Oh Sid those are fantastic answers you are such a lovely doggy and you are right well behaved doggies like you should be able to go where they like. Good questions too!

  2. Dat was great Syd. i learned more about you den I normally get to learn on Twitter. I is so happy you chose to participate in the questions. Love you Syd.

  3. Thank you for this great post und for picking me to ask me your questions!!! Your bonus question is just the right one for me!!! heehee BIG HUGS and SMOOOOOCHES!!!

  4. Thank you for the Gotcha Day wishes, Syd. A big *ducky smooch* to you!

  5. Wow! Mentioned in dispatches!! When do I get to answer da questions?! XXXX

  6. Syd! We lub u! Here r our answers:
    1. Bacon iz our most fav nom

    2. Coco's secret talent iz swimming lapses for 1 hour non-stop. Goose's secret talent iz digging hole 2' deep in very short time.

    3. We iz trailer park dogs, we gots no spa. We just gots scrubbed down a lot cuz we haz ground-in dirt! BOL!

    4. Favorite smell iz smell of stinkies in the field, especially little critters who went to RB. They iz roll-over worthy. (Hence, back to No.3)

    5. We live in rural area, so no see delivery ppls. But one time special delivery Goose jumped into the car and sat on ppls parcels. So we'll say they iz our friends.

    6. Lettuce is pretend food, Coco luvs it with oil and vinegar.